Our Guarantee

Get professional results or your money back.

Let’s keep this simple.

If you complete the system and don’t get professional results (or you’re unhappy for any reason), we’ll refund your money. Simple as that.

No tricks. No gimmicks. No deadlines.
There is no "fine print" here.

If you join FAST Screenplay this month (August 2016), we’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t get professional results.

What do we define as "professional results"?
WE don't define it — YOU do. Simply decide on your target (for example: to sell a screenplay, get optioned, win a competition... any goal you choose), and that is what we guarantee.


What's the Catch?

Simply this: YOU CAN'T QUIT.

(But let's be honest. If you want professional results, you already KNOW you can't quit.)

Simply read each article, do each exercise, and record your experience as instructed. This system has been meticulously designed to weave every skill, every action, every technique and every nuance you need into a clear, repeatable process — so you can turn your ideas into extraordinary, production-ready, page-turner screenplays... and connect them with your projects' ideal producers.

If you're prepared to go all the way, we will get you there. That is our guarantee.


Is this a gimmick?

Nope. This is an incentive.

Here's the deal: Anyone can buy screenwriting software and slap together 100 pages that look like a screenplay. Plenty of bloggers and teachers will claim you can write a movie in a couple weeks. It doesn't matter to them if you succeed or not.

But as a production company seeking material to physically produce, we're on the receiving end of all that garbage every single day. Those screenplays are unusable. And producers are buried under that stuff. Those "screenplays" are the reason producers put up a wall around themselves, and why it's so hard to get noticed. We can't contribute to that. Producers need you to write quality material — production-ready page-turner screenplays they can actually use.

And let's face it: Screenwriting is a challenging craft. To truly, legitimately, go all the way to a professional level... and all the way to the sale... you will face obstacles and challenges along the way. You will have good days and bad days. You'll have days where you feel unmotivated, or full of doubt, or like you're just not good enough.

And on some days, you will want to quit.

Our thought is this: When you feel like quitting, if you remember this guarantee, we want it to inspire you to continue. We want you to think, "If they believe in this so strongly that they'll refund my money if I don't succeed... let's see what comes next" — and you'll keep moving forward.

By taking simple, consistent ACTIONS every day (or at your own pace — there is no time limit on this), our system gives you everything you need to achieve any goal you set for yourself. Overcoming obstacles is built right into the system's design. So you quite literally have nothing to lose.

Will you quit? Or will you commit?

Those who won't commit have already quit.

But if you refuse to quit, we guarantee your results.