The direct path to your professional screenwriting career


There are two
secrets to writing screenplays that sell:

FIRST: it must be a "fast" screenplay — a script so engaging and compelling,
they can't put it down.

SECOND: it must be aligned
with the immediate needs and goals of at least one producer.
The trick is to present YOUR vision in a way THEY can use.

When we couldn't find screenplays to produce, we built a step-by-step system
that reverse-engineers the COMPLETE process from the producer's perspective to guide your one-of-a-kind imagination all the way
to your unique deal.



IN THIS VIDEO:After a brief welcome from Jeff, you'll discover WHAT the system is, HOW it works (and why), and what you get (including 5 BONUSES to maximize your time in isolation).

FAST Screenplay helps any writer (of any level) learn and master the 7 phases of the complete creative process — and is the ideal way to structure your days in isolation to get the most out of this time, and channel your creativity.

Through simple daily ACTION steps — a new breakthrough every day — FAST Screenplay guides you step-by-step from idea to the sale... so you learn by DOING. And during this global pandemic, we've added a new, special bonus to get you further faster, starting TODAY.