The MasterMind™ Sessions

Weekly coaching and personalized help.

A BREAKTHROUGH NEW ADDITION to the FAST Screenplay system! We're now including a weekly video coaching series to make sure you're on the path to success!

Throughout the system, we now include at least one (occasionally more) detailed recap videos that cover the 5 steps of the system you've just completed. We elaborate on the larger goals and objectives (and science and theory) of every step in the system, how they weave together to create an intuitive and organic creative process, how to use them more quickly and efficiently on
every subsequent project, and how to take your work to the next level by seeing more
and more of what's there.

If you're struggling with any of the steps, or with any aspect of your project, we discuss the
most common questions and challenges that help pull you through. Since 99% of would-be
screenwriters quit before they develop a viable project, it's no surpise that we've seen a
500% increase in our success rate with the new MasterMind™ sessions. And we're here
to make sure you go all the way.

Originally recorded LIVE with our InnerCircle™ screenwriting group, thanks to high-quality,
high-resolution video replays of each MasterMind™ session, you'll have precisely the help,
insight and guidance you need at precisely the moment in the process you need it.

The MasterMind™ Sessions series is valued at $2,000, and now
 included FREE with
your FAST Screenplay Membership.