The ProducerView™ Notes Package

Real feedback from the people who are looking.

When you're finished with the FAST Screenplay system and have your page-turner screenplay, you're ready to get the ProducerView™ Notes Package.

First, we'll read your logline and screenplay to see what you've created. Then, we'll do a one-to-one private consultation to discuss your intentions and objectives, and to clarify anything that's unclear.

We'll then create a detailed assessment and producer notes to help ensure you acheive the effect you're aiming for. When you've finished your rewrite, we'll also do a second script read and a 
follow-up one-to-one consultation.

Since we offer notes and feedback from the producer's perspective,
you'll learn the key distinctions that make your work both creatively
inspiring and original AND legitimately viable for production.

Please note: The ProducerView™ Notes Package is designed to provide
feedback and help that works and integrates with the FAST Screenplay
system (so you can incorporate it quickly and efficiently). As such, this
package is not available to projects written outside the system.

ProducerView™ Notes Package NON-MEMBER price: $1,500.

(available from Q1 2018)

For a limited time, this service is included FREE with Unlimited Lifetime
Access to FAST Screenplay.

PLEASE NOTE: FAST Screenplay is designed to take 8-12 months to complete, but
we don't what you to ever feel rushed while you're learning the creative process —
so you'll have up to 2 years to redeem this extraordinary free bonus.