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Questions We Get Asked

Here are a few things you might be wondering.

What is this?

FAST Screenplay is a comprehensive step-by-step screenwriting system and creative framework that gives you a new breakthrough every day.

How does it work?

Every day you take action, you get a new step. Each step includes a detailed article and a new action exercise. You simply read the article and complete the exercise. When you're finished, you click a "Step Completed" button, which triggers the release of the next step the following day. As you move day by day through the steps, you learn and experience the entire creative process, from idea to story to screenplay to the deal.

How long does each step take?

The system is self-guided, so take as much or as little time as is right for you. You can spend 10 minutes or 10 days on every step in the system. But to learn each step, we recommend 1-2 hours per day, and a pace of 5 steps per week, your first time through the system.

How long does the whole thing take?

It takes about 8-12 months to learn the entire system — which you can then use as an organic creative framework every day for the rest of your career. But since every writer is unique, completion times vary widely. Each step is full immersion into a different aspect of creativity, screenwriting, and the business, so you may wish to spend more time on some steps.

Will it take me that long every time?

No. At the end of each phase is a FASTtrack step, which snaps together all the steps you've just completed. On every NEW project, you start there and fly through each phase, zooming in only on the detail your new project needs. The first time through, you're learning hundreds of screenwriting and creativity techniques. On every subsequent project, those skills become intuitive.

Then what happens?

When you complete the whole system, you'll have professional-level skills, and a creative framework for life. That's when you qualify for the Writer's Room — where you'll join 8-10 other writers and write for production.At the end of each Writer's Room season, we'll select at least one project (and up to all of them), and we'll produce it. You get credit and a percentage ownership in all projects developed in your group.

Do I need any special software?

No. If you can read this page, you've got everything you need. You may want to get professional script formatting software later, but we'll explain all the options (including free ones).

How is this different to other classes?

FAST Screenplay is not a "screenwriting course". It's a system that reverse-engineers the complete creative and business process of screenwriting (and all long-form writing) from the producer's perspective. We turn everything you need into a step-by-step path you can use (or adapt) in your own unique way on EVERY new project. It might feel like a course your first time through, but FAST is a framework for organic creativity.

I'm not in Hollywood. Will this work elsewhere, too?

Absolutely. FAST was originally created to generate screenplays in Australia. In fact, today, more opportunity exists outside Hollywood than inside. And everywhere on Earth, producers need screenplays — and writers to write them.

How do I know you won't steal my idea?

In FAST Screenplay, no one ever sees your idea until after you've had a chance to copyright it. You only (optionally) share your experience of the process. This protects you, and it protects us as well. (Plus, you won't be steered in directions other people think you should go.)

Do you give feedback on my work?

We do something even better. Rather than training you to rely on some guru (or ill-equipped fellow students), we devote a whole phase (the Alignment Phase) to turning you into a feedback master. You'll learn how (and when) to get, interpret, and apply any feedback, from any source, and how to use it (no matter how good or bad it is) as a tool to align your work with the needs of your team.

How much does it cost?

We offer FAST Screenplay at our cost — what it cost us to build it, and to maintain and expand the system, and provide one-on-one help and support throughout. Currently, it costs us about $2450 per active writer, to guide you through the whole system.

But not every writer wants the whole system. So we offer a monthly subscription for $79/mo. That way, you can go as far as you want, and cancel at anytime. If you remain subscribed for 31 consecutive months, your Subscription is automatically switched to Lifetime Access, and you have nothing more to pay, ever.

Do you offer any discounts?

Subscriptions allow writers to test the system and quit when they have what they want (for example, they might only want the Story Development engine, which is covered during the first 3 months). Our Subscription rate is far below our cost because most of the expense with new writers is at the start of their journey.

Further discounts are for those who already know they want the whole system, and intend to follow through. You can save 40% by getting Lifetime Access in one upfront payment, or save 30% by getting Lifetime Access via six installments. Details are on the order page.

Is there a minimum Subscription term?

Nope. Discontinue at any time, or follow through and go all the way.

Can I cancel or pause my account?

Of course. It will reset your consecutive month subscription count, but you are always welcome to pause or discontinue at any point.

What's included in the first month?

FAST Screenplay is the complete creative process, so we start by priming your imagination before you develop your story. That way, you naturally create more viable material. We start by building a solid foundation, and then we show you what producers really need (and why). You'll see how to generate an unlimited number of stories you're passionate about, and how to test them before you start developing the story. For full details about what we cover, see the orientation videos inside the system.

Do you pro-rate if I cancel mid-month?

No. When you make a payment, you will have access for the month. You will be automatically renewed unless you cancel, or unless your payment method cannot be billed.

What do my subscription fees pay for?

Every dollar from every participant goes right back into the system — to maintain it, expand it, and create new opportunities for participants. We don't take an income from the system and it only covers costs. If we ever generate a surplus, those funds will go into a film production fund to begin producing participants' films.

I don't think quality can be written "fast".

Neither do we. A "fast" screenplay is a screenplay that reads fast — one the reader can't put down (also known as a "page-turner"). And they can only be written fast by writers who have mastered the craft. That's why FAST guides you one step at a time to mastery.

I'm a big fan of [whatever guru].

Great! With our system, you can amplify the effectiveness of their techniques — and make them intuitive. Just drop their ideas, techniques, formulas or tips right into the system. FAST works with everything else that's out there.

I'm a complete novice / produced writer. Will it be too advanced / simple for me?

We cover absolutely everything from the very start to the very end. The system is layered and builds on your prior experience — so each time you go through the system, you advance a level. To start, you don't even need to know what a screenplay looks like. The more advanced you are, the more each step will reveal, leading to intuitive mastery.

Is FAST Screenplay right for me?

If you want to turn your ideas into movies, and you're ready to take action, then yes. We will get you to ANY target you set for yourself, as long as you follow through.

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