3 Reasons There is No Competition

A prelude to The Producer's Perspective — a new series for screenwriters

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IN THIS VIDEO: Jeff explains why the cynics and pessimists are dead wrong. Producers need great screenplays, and as long as movies are made, they always will. Never let anyone tell you there's too much competition — or any other reason you can't do it. This video reveals the reality.

In FAST Screenplay, you'll learn a step-by-step process for finding your unique voice, and telling the stories only you can tell. That is the real secret to success.


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FAST Screenplay is the only complete, step-by-step screenwriting system reverse-engineered by a producer actively seeking screenplays. Through simple DAILY ACTIONS, we guide you from idea to the sale... and beyond!

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  • Get THE FOUNDATION —The first 10 steps are the Foundation 99% of writers ignore. We'll build a daily writing habit and set you up for success. It's a MUST for every writer.
  • Get THE STORY ENGINE — Over the next 3 months, you'll be guided step by step through the world's only organic story development engine built on the HIDDEN story dynamic. You'll end up with a framework for creating powerful, detailed, original stories in about an hour.
  • Get THE PRO CAREER — With Unlimited Lifetime Access, we take you over the course of a year (or however long you like) through all 7 distinct phases of the complete creative process, from idea, through writing, rewriting, polishing and feedback, and all the way to your unique deal.

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