Three FREE Video Series' to Ignite Your Career

Discover how we reverse-engineered the complete screenwriting process, and learn powerful tips,
tricks and insights to help you make your goal of writing movies a reality.

In THE PRODUCER'S PERSPECTIVE, we've reverse-engineered the entire screenwriting process from the producer's perpsective. In this series, we'll start at the end and work our way back to the beginning, to show you exactly how to launch your career.

Each episode is packed with tips, strategies, and insights you simply can't get anywhere else:


Introducing the Producer's Perspective
In this video, we'll introduce who's behind this and WHY that matters.

3 Reasons There is NO Competition in Screenwriting
In this video, you'll learn why it's imperative to ignore the naysayers. As long as movies are made, producers will need screenplays. Here's why you should write yours.

Episode #1
How to SELL Your Movie Idea
In this video, you'll discover the two steps every writer must take to sell their movie idea. You'll meet the producer and understand what they do and WHY it can be so hard to connect with them.

Episode #2
How to Grab Their Attention
In this video, Jeff reveals the secret to grabbing any producer's attention in just 15 seconds. Plus, he reveals a breakthrough follow-up strategy that leads directly to the deal.





And our flagship series:

FAST Story Development: How to Create Detailed Original Stories in 1 Hour.

This series was designed to offer a glimpse into the breakthrough insights at the core of this extraordinary system — to help as many writers (for free!) as possible — while also guiding the viewer to an understanding of what FAST Screenplay and our paradigm-shifting story development mechanism are all about:


PART 1: The HIDDEN Story Dynamic
We've identified one story mechanism underneath every aspect of every project you ever create.

PART 2: How to Grow Stories Organically
Here, you'll see how we apply the hidden dynamic as a story development tool, so you can create stories organically.

PART 3: The Secret to Rapid Story Development
Once you have an organic process, you can do three simple things that enable you to fly through it in about an hour.

PART 4: Why Speed is the Key to Success
In the final part in this series, we'll snap it all together to show you (scientifically) why speed leads to extraordinary original stories, and is a requirement for a pro career.

Once you've finished this system, it's time to take ACTION. Join today!

Enjoy the process!

In the SCREENWRITING UNCUT series, Jeff comes to you without a script, without notes or cue cards, and without any rehearsal. In this inspiring series, Jeff talks for an entire video WITHOUT ANY EDITS.

The goal is to open a dialogue, speak directly with you without hiding behind any flashy graphics, to talk one-to-one. To learn more about why, see Ep#1:


Embrace Your Imperfection
In the introductory video in this series, Jeff shows you how to stop perfectionism from getting in your way. He presents a powerful strategy (and an example of it!) you can adapt for your own career.

Find Your Certainty
To accomplish any big goal (like writing a screenplay), you'll need BIG motivation to get you through. In this video, Jeff introduces an extraordinary strategy to get you through your doubts.

When Will You Quit?
Here's an uncomfortable truth: Screenwriters only face TWO possible outcomes — either you'll succeed... or you'll QUIT. In this video, Jeff show syou how to go all the way.

Why You MUST Write TODAY
In this video, Jeff gives you a specific and detailed scientific reason why you MUST write TODAY. You'll want to bookmark this one, because here is where we obliterate procrastination.

Does Your Dialogue Suck?
Weak dialogue breaks the reader's ability to connect with your story. In this video, Jeff reveals three powerful strategies to make sure your dialogue doesn't suck.

Here, Jeff explains why he doesn't blog, and how "free" content and advice interrupts your processand will typically cost you much more in the long run.

To actually sell your work, you must write at a PRO level, which requires some degree of mastery. In this video, Jeff shows you exactly how to get there.

What is a "fast" Screenplay?
It's not just a way to brand our system: To sell your work, your screenplay MUST be "fast". Here's why, and how to do it.

How to Win the Screenwriting Lottery
Is screenwriting success really just luck? Being in the right place at the right time? Nope! Discover the secret to winning at this game.

How to Get an AGENT
An effective agent can open the doors to your career. Discover the best way to get one, and the truth about this misunderstood role.

Why the REVEAL is the Secret to Success
The "reveal" is a technique that will transform your work and impress your readers. Learn WHY it works and HOW to design one.

The NEW Screenwriter's Paradigm
Three important changes are transforming our civilization, and they've created an extraordinary new paradigm for writers.

The Unlimited Opportunity of Screenwriting
Today, screenwriting is a wide-open global playing field with truly unlimited opportunity. Here's why, and how to tap into it.

How to GUARANTEE Screenwriting Success
Is it really possible to guarantee success? Yes! All you need are 3 skills. Here's what they are and how to acquire them.

ALIGNMENT: The REAL Secret to the Screenwriting Deal
There is one common denominator for EVERY project that has EVER sold: It was aligned to the needs of the creative team.

Am I Too Old to be a Screenwriter?
Let's be perfectly honest: If you're not in your 20s or 30s, this question has probably come up. Here's the blunt truth.

Start with WHY
In this deeply personal video, Jeff (for the first time) shares his "Why" to help you understand how to find the core of what drives you.

Am I Wasting My Time?
We've all wondered if our efforts are taking us down the wrong path and wasting our precious time. Here's how to know for sure.

What would YOU like to see?
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By presenting this series without any edits at all, you'll meet Jeff at his most natural self. It's easy to see his passion, his frustration, and his unwavering goal of helping writers who are serious about going all the way, do just that.