The FAST Writer's Room

Developing projects for production

That's why we're excited to announce the development of a new module for writers
who have completed the FAST Screenplay system.

Introducing the Writer's Room.

Screenwriting at a professional level requries literally hundreds of skills, and the ability to implement them at the appropriate point in the process.

FAST Screenplay is designed to guide writers through that process, introducing and developing all the skills a writer needs as they develop, write, rewrite, polish, refine and align their projects.

Since writers learn by DOING, the only way to legitimately complete the system itself is by
actually developing the skills a professional writer needs. So... once they have the skills, they're
ready to begin developing for production — in a real-world development environment.

In the Writer's Room — modeled after a television series style writer's room — you'll work
with a group of writers who have completed the FAST Screenplay system (and thus, developed
the skills they need, as well). But instead of developing a TV series (mapping out the story arc
and being assigned episodes to write), you will be writing feature film projects for our new
Production Module — which we (Embryo Films) will then produce.

Together, we'll develop 6 to 12 feature film projects per "season". The goal is to then
produce 3-6 of the films developed by the group. You'll begin with low- (and no-) budget
projects, as this teaches the nuances of screenwriting more powerfully than large-budget
projects do (resulting in greater creative flexibility for the writer). As the group's films
generate revenue, those revenues will be reinvested into larger budgeted projects.

By working in a group environment, the synergy of the group offers support and feedback
in a dynamic creative setting with other writers who have demonstrated persistence and
tenacity. You go beyond theory, and the bubble of developing projects in your own headspace.
You will discover the real-world challenges of screenwriting (and limitations of budget), and
learn to adapt and find new solutions — taking your work to whole new levels.

All writers who participate in the Writer's Room throughout its season share in the
ownership of any films made from that Writer's Room scripts. You will receive sole credit
for any film you spearhead, and shared participation in all the films we produce from your group.

PLEASE NOTE that participation in the Writer's Room is strictly limited to writers who have
completed the entire FAST Screenplay system as instructed, and can demonstrate the skills
the system is designed to develop. This is a merit-based program (we're not just going to
make films for the sake of making them), and writers will be required to demonstrate both
skill and alignment in order to participate (and remain) in the program.

The Writer's Room is an advanced development program
that is included FREE with
your FAST Screenplay Membership.
It is available BY INVITATION ONLY, and only to writers
who complete FAST in its entirety. If you have any questions about the program or its
current status at any point along the way, let us know.